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How to Maintain Your SEO During the Pandemic COVID 19

Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the dependence on the internet has never being greater. This unexpected development has created an intensified demand for businesses to rethink their digital marketing and SEO efforts. This includes the message they are sending to their customers in the form of content marketing for SEO. Known as carrying the lion’s share of traffic to a website, SEO should be at the top of this ‘thinking’.

Every industry has been impacted by COVID-19 and a strategic reaction to the pandemic is critical for a company’s survival. This write-up explores how to maintain your SEO exposure and find benefit during this time.

Here are the steps you should implement first, if you haven't already:


As like every other business, Google has taken steps to protect the health of their employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. Google has curbed a few of their Google My Business support features - specifically their ability to track new reviews and other non-critical information edits.

Many of the critical edits you can make for your business, should still be processed quickly, if not automatically. You should check any edits regarding your hours of operations and service areas to make sure they are accurate and visible on your profile.

New options have been introduced specifically for COVID-19. Capitalizing on this thoughtful SEO strategy will let you educate your audience regarding the following:

  • Hours of operation and temporary closures

  • Modifications to how the business runs, i.e. takeout, curbside pick-up, delivery, call for details, etc.

  • Updates about the way the location is being managed as it relates to safety and hygiene

  • Call for support

COVID-19 Statement Making

Google is not the only route people take to visit your website - far from it - so you will have to educate visitors with content directly on your home screen. It is good to inform people regarding any key changes by means of a, special page, on your site as well.

Above all else, consider carefully if the content is needed. Unnecessary or irrelevant content is not SEO friendly and should be avoided. Consider the specifics in which you are now operating your business and share that relevant content on your site.

The key is to be unobtrusive and avoid annoying your customers with massive amounts of emails. However, a precise and clear message to convey to your customer base is beneficial in getting your main points across.

A clear message at the top of your page, including a Link to a page with extra info, is our number 1 suggestion.This is your best course of action to send a message to your visitors.


When drastic changes happen, such as COVID-19, your customers will certainly have questions. To prevent your phones going off the hook with similar queries, it's surely worth revising/adding answers to the “Frequently Asked Questions” section of your website, as part of your SEO Services. It would even be beneficial to introduce a COVID-19 section. This way, it can just simply be removed when the pandemic is over.

These are small but effective steps to make in order to maintain your SEO during the pandemic COVID 19.

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