About  Us

Hi, my name is Mark and next to me in the picture is my beautiful wife, Kasia.  We are the founders of Shout Marketing Group.  We started our agency in 2017 with the vision of creating something cool, effective, different and affordable for every size business.  This is how we got here...  

I started my career in marketing in 2000 when I was selling yellow page ads in Chicago.  From there, I went into TV and radio where I ultimately found myself in management.  I have also been managing digital marketing campaigns since 2008 which included SEO, SEM, Programmatic, Social Media and even the Daily Deals during it's bubble. 


Our passion is to be the best at what we do.  We believe humor and laughter are the number 1 components for success.  We also demand honesty, positivity, being responsible, working hard and having fun from everyone of our partners.  Our motto for life is "If you don't wake up excited about what you do, find something else, life is too short".